During the integration process, we work closely with you to understand and assess your specific situation and challenges. This includes a familiarization of your working environment, available resources, workflow, and business goals. Our objective is to set up and configure our system to meet each of your unique needs.

  • Proven implementation methodology. Over the years we have refined our implementation methodology to ensure that we meet your expectations, and that there are no surprises. Your dedicated implementation team will give you regular feedback on the progress and address any issues as quickly as possible.
  • Pre-configured connections. Our pre-configured connections with most prime brokers, custodians and administrators save time and help ensure a smooth transition. Where we don't have a pre-configured connection that meets your needs, we can rapidly build one.
  • Trading network. We maintain our own FIX infrastructure and are connected to multiple third-party FIX networks. This enables us to connect our system to your other trading systems and virtually every sell-side in the world.
  • Configuration and customization. Our system is highly configurable - we can define specific workflows, allocation templates, portfolio and blotter layouts, compliance rules, and user roles to meet your needs. In addition we can provide custom reports to your specifications.
  • Training. Your implementation team will provide full training for all users of the system. After the go-live date they will continue to assist with supporting you as you transition to your support team.