Order Management

Centralize the order management process with our highly scalable architecture. AlphaDesk supports multiple asset classes, currencies, and strategies, so you can streamline complex order management workflows. Track the entire lifecycle of your trade in a single application, from execution and allocation to reporting and settlement.

  • Save time and reduce mistakes. Enter trades only once, whether done electronically or over the phone. Integrated compliance checking prevents mistakes before they happen and the single security master helps avoid back office confusion.
  • Communicate better and make faster decisions. By sharing the order blotter in real-time, relevant people can see what is being traded. Portfolio managers can see how their orders are progressing and modify their instructions if necessary.
  • Connect electronically to hundreds of trading venues around the world. Direct connections to third-parties via FIX are fast and less prone to error. Use our application to send trades to order desks with a couple of clicks and receive real-time fills on trades done through an EMS.
  • Improve investment decisions with real-time data integration. AlphaDesk is compatible with industry-leading data providers for real-time profit and loss and reference data management. Receive accurate and actionable information so you can stay informed with and react faster to changes in the market.
  • Customize your order management workflow. Our client service team works with you to configure user profiles, allocation methodologies, commission schedules, and compliance rules so that your workflow is smooth and accurate.