Portfolio Management

Regardless of the complexity of your positions, the volume of your trades, or the variety of your strategies, AlphaDesk provides the tools you need to easily view and analyze your portfolios.

  • View your portfolio the way you understand it. Customize your views to reflect the way you analyze and manage your portfolio. Group positions with their hedges, measure exposure by any category, etc. And see it all in real time. A performance summary dashboard presents accurate NAV calculation and day/month P&L.
  • React faster to changing conditions and see how market movements impact your portfolio. Real-time P&L highlights those positions, sectors, strategies, etc. which are making or losing money by the minute.
  • Know what works and what doesn't. Multi-month profit attribution shows which trades and strategies have worked best for your hedge fund over the long run.
  • Reduce surprises by controlling risk. Real-time exposure and Value at Risk help you understand the sources of portfolio risk, so that you can hedge those risks you don't want to take.
  • Streamline your rebalancing and asset allocation workflow. Our advanced multi-portfolio modeling functionality makes rebalancing a matter of a few keystrokes.
  • Meet the demands for transparency and responsiveness from investors. AlphaDesk offers comprehensive historical position-keeping with flexible tools for analyzing and reporting on performance.
  • Multi-asset class, multi-currency reporting. AlphaDesk supports most instrument types, including listed securities, fixed income and complex OTC derivatives. A full suite of portfolio management reports (valuation, P&L, attribution, performance, risk etc.) covers all securities and currencies consistently.