Good operations start with a good system and good people. AlphaDesk provides the right amount of control and flexibility so you can simplify your trade workflow and reduce settlement and record-keeping errors.

  • Save time and reduce errors. Stop cutting, pasting, and reconciling different spreadsheets. Straight-through processing improves settlement rates and saves time resolving problems. Automated reconciliation means you will reconcile more often and have fewer surprises.
  • Reduce operational risk. A centralized and secure database with all trades, security details, and positions reduces opportunities for mistakes or fraudulent behavior and allows for historical reporting and analysis. Data is automatically distributed and synchronized across all user instances to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Audit trail. The software provides a comprehensive audit trail of changes to trade and security records. You can find out who made the changes and when.
  • Connect automatically and securely. AlphaDesk automates the daily collection of account data for position reconciliation and the daily reporting of trades to custodians, prime brokers, and administrators. Pre-configured connections to third-parties help to save time because the data is formatted the way they require and transmitted securely to them all with a single click.
  • Improve workflow and delivery capabilities. Streamline the production of reports to simplify the period-end reporting cycle. AlphaDesk offers a repository of detailed reports which are fully customizable to meet the requirements of both internal and external parties. Send reports using these reliable delivery mechanisms:FTP, encrypted e-mail, network folder.