AlphaDesk is a comprehensive system with the power to drive the many facets of managing an investment fund. Through the use of new web-based technologies and a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, our system achieves unparalleled performance, functionality, and value for money.

Order Management

  • Real-time shared order blotter.
  • Low-maintenance FIX connectivity to trading systems and dealer desks.


  • Automated and integrated compliance monitoring with pre-deal checking and an end-of-day compliance report.
  • Intuitive and customizable compliance rule templates to meet specific needs of each fund.

Portfolio Management

  • Customizable portfolio with real-time P&L.
  • Profit attribution by sector, strategy, currency, long/short etc.

Risk Management

  • Real-time delta adjusted net and gross exposure, FX exposure, interest rate risk and credit exposure.
  • Calculated Value at Risk, including incremental and contribution VaR.

Operations Management

  • Automated daily trade reporting and position reconciliation with custodians and administrators.
  • Automated corporate actions.