Asset Managers

AlphaDesk spans the entire asset management workflow in a single comprehensive platform. This is truly ‘infrastructure in a box’ for fund managers.

  • Remain up-to-date on the state of your portfolios. With real-time data integration you receive updates on changes in your positions, strategies, P&L, and risk exposure throughout the trading day. AlphaDesk also offers a real-time shared order blotter, so you are aware of the activity of other users. These features allow you to adapt to market movements quickly and accurately.
  • Understand your portfolios. AlphaDesk provides a collection of tools to help you analyze your portfolios. Design and view your portfolios the way they make sense to you and track which trades and strategies have worked best with multi-month profit attribution.
  • Electronic trading connections. Connect directly to hundreds of venues and third-parties around the world. FIX connections are fast and less prone to error. Send trades and receive real-time fills on trades executed through an EMS.
  • Integrate with the other tools you use. Our software is compatible with the most popular data feeds, trading platforms, and post-trade processing solutions (Bloomberg, Thompson One, Eikon, E-Signal, Omgeo, etc.).
  • Advanced trade allocation methods across multiple portfolios. Keep funds balanced while eliminating the lengthy step of calculating allocations.
  • Merge trades from different managers and execute them together.
  • Simplify your compliance workflow. With automated and integrated compliance monitoring, users are able to prevent and respond to violations and avoid expensive mistakes. Pre-trade checking allows users to flag potential violations before they occur and compliance reports can be run at any time to verify that funds remain compliant. In addition, a full audit trail for all trades allows for greater transparency.
  • Hassle-free portfolio rebalancing. Bring your portfolios back to their target asset allocations using model portfolios. The system compares the weight of each position against the model and automatically generates a set of trades that will bring those positions to their targets.
  • Real-time multi-currency cash management tools. Remain up-to-date on your cash flow with trade and settle date cash reconciliation and accrued and prepaid cash reports.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like daily trade reporting and position reconciliation. Using pre-configured connections and pre-formatted reports, AlphaDesk offers a one-click solution to trade reporting and position reconciliation, so you can save time, lower operational risks, and improve productivity.
  • Customize reports. A built-in suite of reports can be modified as required, and external tools (e.g. Excel, Crystal Reports) can be used to generate fully customized reports.
  • User controls and permissions. Assign roles to each user to restrict specific trades, securities, portfolios, and reports they can view or edit. User permissions are flexible and can be customized to meet the requirements of unique user roles.