SGGG Portfolio Software as a Service

Toronto – April 12, 2010 – The SGGG Portfolio System is now being made available as a service. For those clients who prefer not to have the hardware at their own site, SGGG can provide the complete software functionality hosted at its data center.

The new service has the characteristics typically associated with a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering: the software is accessed through the internet and it is managed from a central server, with a true multi-tenant architecture.

The service has been in use by two clients since February, with two more clients expected to go live soon. The software is the same software that is provided to other clients on a traditional license or managed server basis, only the delivery method is different. The service appeals particularly to smaller hedge funds which do not have the in-house technical expertise to maintain their own infrastructure. However, is also used by some larger funds which prefer the flexibility and scalability it offers.

Dan Rissin, CEO of SGGG Portfolio Systems said “This is another way we can apply current technology to help us provide a better product to our clients. In this case ‘better’ means a service which meets the needs of some clients better that a traditional software model.”

About the SGGG Portfolio System

The SGGG Portfolio System delivers real time order, portfolio and operations management tools to hedge fund managers. It supports multiple portfolios, strategies, asset types, currencies and custodians in a single, integrated software solution. Through the use of new web based technologies the software achieves unparalleled performance, functionality and value for money.

About the SGGG Group

SGGG Portfolio Systems is part of a group of SGGG companies providing software and administration services to over 200 alternative investment funds globally. The business has been built by focusing on providing clients with an exceptional level of experience, professionalism and availability.