New Portfolio Software Launched at Hedge Funds World Canada

Hedge Funds World Canada, Toronto – October 14, 2008 – The SGGG Portfolio System was launched today at Hedge Funds World Canada. This is a brand new software application designed from the ground up to meet the needs of hedge fund managers, simply and cost effectively. It is based on the combined hedge fund experience of SGGG and one of the most accomplished financial software development teams anywhere.

The new system provides vital tools for hedge fund managers, in a single integrated software application. These include:

  • real-time position monitoring
  • trade capture and allocation
  • prime broker trade reporting and reconciliation
  • portfolio rebalancing risk measurement
  • compliance checking
  • profit attribution

Sharon Grosman, President of SGGG Portfolio Systems commented “For years clients have been asking me if there was a portfolio system available with the features they needed at a price they could afford. Dan Rissin’s unique experience has enabled us to build the system they were asking for.”

Dan Rissin, CEO of SGGG Portfolio Systems added “There are technologies available today which make some things much easier than they used to be. We have applied some of this technology to provide a level of usability and cost effectiveness previously unavailable.”

About the SGGG Portfolio System

The SGGG Portfolio System provides portfolio management tools for hedge fund managers. It supports multiple portfolios, strategies, asset types, currencies and custodians. It has been designed to be simpler to use and simpler to implement than other software with comparable functionality.

About the SGGG Group

SGGG Portfolio Systems is part of a group of SGGG companies providing software and administration services to over 200 alternative investment funds globally. The business has been built by focusing on providing clients with an exceptional level of experience, professionalism and availability.