SGGG Portfolio Systems Releases Mobile Version of Leading Software

Toronto – September 1, 2014 – SGGG Portfolio Systems, a leading provider of order and portfolio management software, today announced a mobile version of their software. The mobile version provides users with a convenient means of monitoring their portfolios and positions while they are away from the office. 

With the mobile version, users can easily browse through their portfolios and orders on a supported mobile device. Layouts are completely customizable to suit the needs of the user. Users can group and sort their positions by any criteria such as sector, country, and strategy. Likewise, they can track orders in real-time as they receive fills. Users can choose to integrate a supported data feed for real-time pricing, valuation, profit contribution, and exposure. A performance summary presents accurate NAV calculation and day and month P&L.

Dan Rissin, CEO of SGGG Portfolio Systems, says, “The mobile view was designed for the on-the-go portfolio manager. Before, the only way to check up on one’s portfolios while away from the office was to contact traders intraday for updates. The mobile version resolves this problem by introducing a simplified view of our leading software. With the mobile view, we’ve successfully translated the ease-of-use that our clients have become familiar with to a handheld device.”

The mobile version is offered through SGGG’s cloud-based service and runs on any Android or iOS device. The mobile app can be deployed in a few days and receives the same high level of ongoing support as SGGG’s other products.

About the SGGG Portfolio System

SGGG Portfolio Systems delivers real time order, portfolio and operations management tools to hedge fund managers. It supports multiple portfolios, strategies, asset types, currencies and custodians in a single, integrated software solution. Through the use of cloud technologies the software achieves unparalleled performance, functionality and value for money.

About the SGGG Group

SGGG Portfolio System is part of a group of SGGG companies providing software and administration services to over 400 alternative investment funds globally. The business has been built by focusing on providing clients with an exceptional level of experience, professionalism and availability. The SGGG group is based in Toronto, Canada.

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