SGGG Portfolio System Expands Fix Connectivity

Toronto – August 2, 2010 - SGGG Portfolio Systems, a provider of order and portfolio management software to the hedge fund industry, today announced that it has expanded and improved its FIX connectivity.

The improved FIX connectivity provides full two way and drop copy trade message support to hundreds of trading destinations including trading desks and DMA systems. The two way order flow includes a range of order types such as market, limit, good till cancelled etc. Drop copies are received from the execution venue and update the system automatically.

SGGG Portfolio Systems provides a managed FIX service so that clients do not need to maintain the network or infrastructure required for FIX messaging. The service includes FIX certification and providing secure network connections.

Sue Phoa, Director of Development at SGGG Portfolio Systems said “We have developed the FIX infrastructure in house, and manage it ourselves. It was more work than integrating a solution from a FIX vendor, but this way we have maximum flexibility to adapt it to our clients needs, and we can control the costs. Because of this, we are able to offer first class FIX connectivity at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.”

About the SGGG Portfolio System

The SGGG Portfolio System delivers real time order, portfolio and operations management tools to hedge fund managers. It supports multiple portfolios, strategies, asset types, currencies and custodians in a single, integrated software solution. Through the use of new web based technologies the software achieves unparalleled performance, functionality and value for money.

About the SGGG Group

SGGG Portfolio Systems is part of a group of SGGG companies providing software and administration services to over 200 alternative investment funds globally. The business has been built by focusing on providing clients with an exceptional level of experience, professionalism and availability.