AlphaDesk provides the essential tools needed by fund managers, fully integrated in a single application that is easy to use and highly cost effective to deploy. The system is truly multi-asset class, multi-currency and multi-custodian.

  • Order management. Manage all your firm’s orders in single place. Send orders to hundreds of destinations and receive fills in real-time. Integrates with all major execution systems.
  • Real-time P&L. Track P&L and exposure in real-time during the day, with a choice of over 100 real-time fields and flexible groupings.
  • Risk management. Real-time delta and beta adjusted exposure, option greeks, currency, interest rate, credit and liquidity risk. Built-in VaR calculations.
  • Compliance. Set up rules to verify compliance with fund mandates, internal policies and regulations. Verify compliance before trades are executed and at any other time.
  • Shadow NAV. Calculate an accurate net asset value including subscriptions, accruals, and dividends, across currencies and security types.
  • Historical reports. See a detailed trading history, run P&L reports with different tax regimes, do multi-period profit attribution, commission analysis, net return estimates, etc. Create fully customized reports.
  • Operations. Receive direct connections to dozens of prime brokers and custodians as well as integration with third-party post-trade networks. Built-in tools automate reconciliation and corporate actions processing.

First-Class Support

  • Dedicated implementation teams. Experienced teams bring clients onboard quickly and with minimal pain, including data integration, testing and personalized training.
  • Fully managed service. AlphaDesk runs in the cloud or on an in-house appliance. Either way, the service is fully managed by our team.
  • High-touch ongoing support. Highly available support teams with real-time monitoring tools can answer questions promptly and address issues before they become problems.